n. any aquatic rootless plant of the genus Ceratophyllum, with forked leaves.

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  • hornwort — [hôrn′wʉrt΄] n. [after ModL Ceratophyllum: see CERATO & PHYLL] any of a genus (Ceratophyllum) of long, rootless waterlilies of the hornwort family submerged in lakes and slow moving streams and having whorls of finely divided leaves adj.… …   English World dictionary

  • Hornwort — Horn wort , n. (Bot.) An aquatic plant ({Ceratophyllum}), with finely divided leaves. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • hornwort — horn•wort [[t]ˈhɔrnˌwɜrt, ˌwɔrt[/t]] n. pln any of several rootless aquatic herbs of the genus Ceratophyllum, having finely dissected, whorled leaves …   From formal English to slang

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